Custom Milling

We custom mill at your site with your own logs or at our site for your project. Our mill produces rough sawn lumber. We can sort and stack the wood and select the grade of the lumber that matches your need for easy access and usability. We also make heart center redwood beams which are unique both visually and structurally.


We selectively recover timber from both the managed forests and residential properties in Santa Cruz County. We can accomplish this by bringing our equipment to the site and collecting the logs or by setting up our portable sawmills and milling the wood on location. We are also hired to remove trees that can be fell, to salvage the timber.

Processing the Hardwoods

Our goal is to craft the highest quality Tanoak available. The process encompasses many different stages of production—each offering opportunities to maximize quality. Out of the Woods recovers, saws, mills and seasons all of its Tanoak wood. This allows for complete control over the entire process to assure the finest quality available.

Our small size allows us to focus on fine craftsmanship through knowledge, experience and old fashioned hard work. Owner Dave Merchant saws, mills, and dries much of our wood himself. The Tanoak is quartersawn for maximum figure. Each plank is handcrafted—one at a time. No two boards are ever the same.

Air & Kiln Drying

Out of the Woods has facilities for both air and kiln drying. We air dry our wood for months before slow kiln drying, using a Kotter Dry Kiln. It is a digitally controlled hot water kiln designed to dry hardwoods gently. The maximum temperature is 140 degrees F (temperature hot enough to kill any bugs in the wood)

Want to place an Order?

Download one of our order forms here and email to us at


Questions? Call us at: (831) 420-3290 (office) or (831)-818-2260 (cell) Or send us a message here.


Will you fill a special lumber order?

Certainly. Please call or e-mail to tell us what you need and when you need it.

Do you offer delivery of lumber cut at your facility?

Yes, however, delivery is an extra charge that depends on distance.

Do you cut down trees or buy logs?

Yes We can cut directionally, fall timber with some climbing involved.  But we do not do tree work.  We do buy logs.

What is the largest size log that your mill can handle?

Length 25’  Diameter 60”

Can I bring my logs to your facility?

Yes! Custom saw milling is a big part of Out of the Woods. Please call us in advance of log delivery.

Do you sell stickers?

Yes, we stock 2 & 4′ stickers and they are $0.25 each.

If you hit metal in my trees will I need to pay for the saw blade?

Unfortunately, we must charge a $35 blade fee if we hit metal as it ruins the blade.

Do you sell kiln dried lumber?

Yes we do!

Do you sell slab wood?


Can you help me plan my building, barn or shed?

Sure, please call or e-mail any time.

Have you ever cut wood for a timber frame?

Yes, and we can make a lot of lumber besides the frame itself.

How much does it cost to come and mill?

There are many factors in determining the cost; how much room is there?  moving equipment?  The dimensions of the lumber or lumber list helps with this.  A site visit is necessary to complete an estimate.